Richard North, 01/03/2010  

Almost exactly three weeks ago, the press release queen, Louise Gray, was prattling about early springs as a result of global warming.

Fortunately for her, her kindly employer has spared her blushes, not requiring her to write the piece today, which tells us: "For those celebrating St David Day on Monday, there will be a noticeable absence of daffodils as the country's growers say the cold snap has left their crops a month behind schedule."

Britain's "Arctic winter", incidentally, was officially declared the coldest in 30 years "as parts of the country were lashed by gale force winds and torrential downpours."

Strangely enough, almost exactly a year to the day, little Louise was writing under the headline, "Latest spring bloom at Kew for 20 years" – the strap reading: "After a succession of early spring blooms, flowers came out later this year than for 20 years because of the recent cold snap."

And this is why we're perfectly happy to assert that the global warming scare is in its end game. The basis of the scam relies on keeping the population (or a goodly proportion of it) in a perpetual state of fear.

As early as 2005, researchers – amongst them Nick Pidgeon from the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia - were noting that it was necessary to qualify the term "climate change" with the descriptor "dangerous". In this case, they noted that providing information, although the first step, would not alone "suffice to change behaviour".

Crucially, they noted that messages had to be "tailored" to reach "the diversity of interpretations of danger" otherwise they were "not likely to succeed."

Part of that calculus is to draw the marks' attention to changes in their own personal environments, and then relate them to the bigger picture. Not for nothing, therefore, have the warmists focused on issues such as early springs. As these are witnessed first hand, they can be exploited – quite deliberately - as a means of spreading the message.

Unfortunately for the warmists, Mother Nature is not co-operating, exposing the certainties and the dire predictions, willingly spread by the likes of Louise Gray, to ridicule. And while the journalists seem to have extremely short memories, there are always the blogs to remind them of what they wrote.

And this is why the bubble has burst. Al Gore has been reduced to a comedy act and Louise Gray has become an object of pity.

The warmists have lost their grip on the "fear button". They have been deprived of the one and only tool which could enable them to force through their agenda. The rest, like daffodils in spring, is only a matter of time.


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