Richard North, 04/12/2009  

Lead item in The Times (online) is the story of railway engineer Rajendra Pachaur promising a "UN inquiry" on Climategate. The issue is definitely creeping up the media agenda. When are we going to hear calls for a postponement of the Copenhagen slugfest though – pending the outcome of the inquiry?

Despite this, at 15:00 hrs, the TWI stood at 9,254 (30,400,000 - 3,285), an increase from this morning's figure of 9,137 (29,400,000 – 3,218), – suggesting that the MSM is not only still way behind the curve (unadjusted, without the 30-year smoothing), but dropping even further behind, as web interest intensifies at an even faster rate.

Delingpole is having fun - as usual – and Booker is, as we speak – preparing another "formidable article" for Sunday. In the meantime, Al Gore – ever in tune with public opinion - is telling us that the Copenhagen targets are "not tough enough" – even though he will not be there in person to make his case.


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