Richard North, 05/08/2013  

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We picked up yesterday the determination of the media and the political classes to maintain the charade that negotiations with the EU on a new "relationship" were a realistic option.

Now, to continue with the pretence, the Financial Times is bigging up the expected appointment of Ivan Rogers, David Cameron's adviser on European and global issues, as ambassador to the EU.

A former Treasury official and City banker, "he has emerged as the favourite to take on one of the toughest jobs in British diplomacy: renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the rest of the EU ahead of a proposed referendum", says the FT.

This post is "laden with political sensitivity", the paper intones, as it tells us that Mr Rogers is credited with fostering improved relations between London and Berlin. And this, we are also told, is "a factor that could prove crucial in Mr Cameron’s attempt to extract a better deal from the EU ahead of an in-out referendum planned for 2017". 

However, if it is not this piece of news you are feasting your eyes upon, then an alternative on offer is the appointment of a new Dr Who. Of the two bits of news, there need be no guesses as to which is deemed as more important by the majority of the media claque.

Moi, I'm off to rainy Manchester and thence to Lisbon for the final session of filming for the "Norway Option". I'll write again when I get there – Lisbon, that is.

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