Richard North, 05/08/2014  

Making something special out of our story (triggered by Peter Hitchens) is Mary Ellen Synon on Brietbart, bringing the EU's millions (€434,918,585 to be exact) to a wider audience.

It is no coincidence that the EU should have poured so much of our money into civil society in Ukraine. The pivotal role of civil society was set out in the 2001 White Paper on governance, when the Commission realised that the way to suborn a nation was to enter into "dialogue" civil society – an easy euphemism for bribery.

A myriad of small amounts, paid to hundreds of organisations, serve to build a supporting constituency, which gives the impression of a far more wider level of public support than is actually the case. Basically, control of civil society organisations gives control of civil society. And Ukraine was given the full treatment.


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