Richard North, 05/08/2014  

It really is true that many of our bubble-dwelling politicians live on another planet, not least the fatuous fool Boris Johnson who today condemned David Cameron's immigration target of "tens of thousands" of net migrants as making "no sense" due to the EU's open borders. 

Instead, says this idiot, "London requires a rigorous American-style system that discriminates on talent". Yet, even as the idiot spoke, the Guardian, amongst hundreds of other newspapers, was reporting on the ongoing immigration crisis in the United States.

On top of a growing humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border, where more than 57,000 Central American children have arrived unaccompanied, there is mounting pressure for reform from the more than 11 million undocumented people who live, work and raise families in the United States.

Yet the buffoon which is Boris Johnson chooses to cite US immigration policy as an example for the United Kingdom to follow. And if anyone else came up with such a facile suggestion, they would laughed out of court. But the hacks duly inscribe his flatulence, and park it on their websites.

One wonders therefore, which is the greater laughing stock: Johnson, the newspapers who report him, or the readers who take his garbage seriously.


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