Richard North, 26/02/2017  

A major server failure took us out for just over 24 hours - entirely out of our control - bringing down all of the UK websites. The Winserve team worked heroically to get the system working and we were back on line just after one this morning. 

Unfortunately, they were unable to do a complete restore, and had lost a week's work of ours. Fortunately, we had our own back up and I've restored the lost work manually. We've been able to save the comments as well, and I've now posted what would have been the Saturday post (below). I'll post the Booker column later today ... a complete change from Brexit. Then we'll have caught up.

Meanwhile, Pete's written some stonking posts on his blog - well worth a look, as he is covering the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, an issue which is of huge importance to us, would that we knew it.

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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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