Richard North, 25/12/2018  

For the fifteenth time, I have the privilege of wishing my readers a merry Christmas. Starting up in 2004, we never thought that our EUReferendum blog would become such a long-lived institution and, from the way things are developing, we'll need to be here a while longer.

Another thing I never thought I'd see is the picture above, the German-Polish border taken by Pete, the great leaver, as he travelled to Warsaw to spend Christmas with friends. Ironically, that might be the last time he will be able to do so with such ease.

But, for the moment, he's there and we're here. And with our Emma in Scotland with family, that leaves Mrs EUReferendum and I to enjoy a quiet Christmas together. It'll give us a rare moment of relaxation and reflection, on the one day of the year that I will not spend glued to a computer screen, following the Brexit agenda.

That leaves me to thank our readers, sponsors and donors for their support during the last year. We are particularly grateful for the financial support, which really does make the difference, with a special word of thanks for those unsung heroes who commit to regular monthly payments.

And with that, I'll sign off to leave you all to enjoy a much deserved Christmas, with the certainty that hostilities will recommence on schedule.

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Brexit - the first year - New e-book by Richard North
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