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Back in harness soon

2013-07-16 04:35:50

000a Shrivenham-015 001.jpg

Not the most direct route from Bristol to Bradford. But worth the visit. Chatham House rules applied, so I am limited as to what can be said. Suffice to say that I gave a lecture to 160+ Majors on the Command and Staff College Course.

My slot, I am told, is one of the most difficult to fill. It requires the lecturer to give a candid appraisal of the military performance in Iraq and Afghanistan, with no holds barred mostly to soldiers who saw active service in both theatres. Described as a "target round", my talk was very well received. So much so, I have been asked to come back for the next three courses.

Chuffed is a word I think is appropriate in this case. I'll get back to work later today.