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Media: the story stealers


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Booker's story on the baby stealers seems to have gone viral, even making the front page of the Daily Mail today.

It is interesting, though, how many hundreds of newspapers – such as the Mirror - and online news aggregators have lifted it in its entirety without acknowledging the source. But even where the source is identified, such as in the Mail, it is referenced to the copy-out in the main paper rather than the Booker column. As originator of the story, he doesn't get a look in.

This is so typical of the legacy media. Quick to defend their own turf, and dismiss bloggers as "derivative", they are most often the jackals of news-gathering, feeding off the carrion when the "kill" has been made by others. And then, so often, they will try to own the story, even when they are late to the table with little original to offer.

In the stolen children story, however, Booker has now been plugging away for years, with very little acknowledgement or support and now this particular story has been picked up, the media are crawling all over it. In one way, we are pleased to see this happen, but the parasitic behaviour should not go without comment.

If the social services are baby stealers – and indeed they have become so – the legacy media mirror their behaviour, making their business stealing others' work. They are the story stealers. Sadly, that seems to be their normal behaviour – when they are not ignoring you, they are stealing the clothes off your back.