EU Referendum

EU Referendum: an alliance with


Following a meeting with Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore in Bristol last Tuesday, I have agreed to work with as a consultant for the duration of the EU Referendum campaign – unless, of course, we fall out and slaughter each other.

As part of the package, has decided to adopt Flexcit as their formal exit plan, subject to a rebranding exercise which I am working on at the moment. The provisional working title for the plan is now "The Market Solution" (or TMS for short).

I will assist in marketing the plan, and in running seminars, in Bristol and elsewhere, to introduce the plan to staff and to a wider audience. Also, I will provide political intelligence – particularly in relation to the EU – and assist the campaign in any other way I can, especially in respect of its forthcoming application for designation as lead campaigner.

For, Andy Wigmore says, "the campaign is keen to work with the best brains and opinions we can find to make sure the UK public know the truth and also the best solution for the UK". He adds, "This is above party politics and above egos anyone who wants to be out of the EU is on the same side".

My work with will continue unchanged, and I will also continue to support Leave HQ and the Leave Alliance, whose activities are part of the wider campaign.

Obviously, a complete meshing will be difficult to achieve. We are all individuals and have our own strong views on diverse subjects. But, unlike the EU and its leaden conformity under the doctrine of "consensus", we can agree to disagree on some issues and still work together harmoniously.

I have found Arron and Andy both incredible fun to work with, and we find it easy to have robust, no-holds-barred debates, without taking offence. This is immensely refreshing, and I look forward to developing the relationship with them and the team.