EU Referendum

Dr Helen Szamuely


The last time I wrote a post with this title, my co-editor and co-founder of had just gone into hospital for treatment for cancer.

That was in February 2005, nearly twelve years ago, and I'm glad to say that this indomitable lady threw off this disease and survived. Sadly though, I learned yesterday that an entirely different condition had laid Helen low and during the night she had passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I've known Helen more than 20 years and it is fair to say that I've never known anyone like her. And that said, I've spent the best part of yesterday failing to write an obituary which comes anywhere near describing this amazing woman.

It would be hard in any case for me to improve on Pete's piece, crafted with his usual passion and skill.

But there is someone who can do better, and that's Helen herself who in her own words during a rare public speaking appearance in 2007, defined her strategy and philosophy for getting us out of the EU.

Let that stand as her epitaph, her own words, her own aspirations. You will never see anything like it again.