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Climate change: a change of heart


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For the modest fee of £5,000 (about the same as the annual state pension), part-time employee of the Telegraph Media Group Ltd, Boris Johnson (aka part-time London Mayor) is having a pop at the warmists. 

"I hope I don't need to tell you that we have not experienced a Mediterranean climate – not since they started to tell us to expect it, "he burbles. And at roughly £5 a word, that earns him a cool £130. 

He then gets nearly £200 for complaining that: "we have had some pretty long and miserable winters – including the last one, in which I saw snow settle in London on four separate occasions – and our summer is at risk of becoming a bit of a farce". 

As he develops this lucrative rant, it is clear that our Boris is not impressed with the warmists, and thus does he conclude by imagining, for another £100 or so, "a class action: aggrieved English pool-owners against the global warming prophets and the erroneous meteorologists who have, frankly, been taking the piscine". 

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But hey! Isn't this exactly the same Boris was in August 2008 was warning that "floods, heatwaves and drought could cause a virtual collapse of the capital", unless action was taken to address climate change? Now, over a million quid better off from his generous newspaper employer, he has a change of heart. 

Indelicate though the term might be, I think the word "tosser" must have been invented for people such as Boris.