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EU Referendum: Dave's dodgy deal 3

2016-02-23 14:14:06

I'm in London today on Leave Alliance business, the last meeting before our official launch on 16 March. In the meantime, analysis of Dave's dodgy deal continues, and we will have more to report over the next few days.

On its side, the Government relies on Sir Alan Dashwood QC, whence we are referred to this opinion. Yet this learned if somewhat flexible friend had already given evidence to the House of Common EU scrutiny committee. 

From this and especially paragraphs 43-48, it is evident that any declarations which require EU treaty change to put them into effect cannot be (and are not) binding. As such, we get the view reiterated here that Mr Cameron's deal, certainly on "ever closer union" and "sovereignty", is "almost totally devoid of substance".

Yet, the legacy media remains obsessed with trivia and the ongoing soap-opera surrounding the affairs of Mr Johnson, thus deserting its post at a critical hour. We can expect little sense from this source, as journalists descend to a level of infantalism which almost defies description.

If we are going to call Mr Cameron's bluff on his fraudulent treaty, we'll have to do it ourselves. Barring a few, we can expect nothing from the wastrels in the media.